We have multiple licensed massage therapist all around Los Angeles specializing in Thai massage that can come for your events.  Offering mini chair massages at your special event.


Focused on provding  personalized nutrition program to achieve more vital health & energy than ever before.

Energy Healing (Reiki) Think of it as an energetic detox and space to set you back on your path.

Massage Therapy

Health Coaching

Healing Services

Stress Reduction



Stress reduction coaching, teaching breathing techniques to calm the mind and nervous system, providing themes of the day on dealing with life stressors.

Guided meditation to quiet the mind & teach students to find inner peace so that they can be better happier people and become more productive in work & life.


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All types of yoga classes, beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Flow Classes for more of workout, restorative for relaxing, all are customized for individual or group.