Corporate Yoga &  Meditation

Benefits for Business:

  • Increase in productivity & communication
  • Increase in employee satisfaction & appreciation
  • Improve moral
  • Build camaraderie
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce employee sick days
  • Decrease in health care premiums (see your insurance carrier)
  • Incentive for new hires


Benefits for employees:

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Increased focus & concentration            
  • Physical strength, increased flexibility & better balance
  • Reduced injury from prolonged sitting & typing
  • Relieve low back pain & tension
  • Improve posture
  • Improved overall well-being

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and de-stress methods offer many benefits to the business & employees.  Introducing yoga into the corporate environment  provides more than just a break in the day.  It allows companies an amazing opportunity to give their employees the essential tools and tips to reduce and manage their stress at work and outside into their daily lives.   It is an effective, affordable & proactive way to increase their health, happiness & productivity.  In return, employees are more likely to contribute to a successful and collaborative work environment.  We customize a yoga package to your specific needs and requests.  We focus on relaxing the mind, breathing exercises to calm the nervous system, as well as focused stretching & strengthening where employees need the most.  Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, repitive strain injuries (RSI) are all common musculoskeletal discomforts we see in the workplace. Each class will emphasize yoga movement of different postures and technique with breath, then body awareness and alignment.  A meditation portion will also be in each class in which there will be a guided focus.  Lastly, there is an optional service that teaches employees how to deal with stress & how to handle different situations.  Our specialized service of yoga, meditation, de-stress practices and other wellness program offerings differentiates us from others.  Let’s get on our matt's and exhale as we bring yoga to your office.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What do we provide?

The Yoga Instructor

30, 45 or 60 minute yoga class delivered to your workplace


Music & speaker set up

Certificate of insurance upon request

*All yoga teachers are with a minimum of a 200 hour certification course


What do you need to host on-site classes?

Open space such as a lounge, board room, spare office or lunch room.  Yoga matts are needed or may be provided.  Comfortable clothing and a water bottle.


Do you teach hot yoga/Do employees need to change/shower?

No, classes are not heated.  Corporate classes are designed with the business in mind, so employees can practice and then continue their day without needing a shower.  If, a more challenging class is requested a shower may be needed.  Usually a change of clothes is enough.


Is yoga experience needed?

No, we do not expect experience.  In fact, we welcome beginners.  Classes are customized for each business.



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