Jessica Asef


      Owner of Exhale LA Yoga & Wellness and Certified Yoga Teacher trained at YogaWorks. I come from a background in finance in the corporate workplace for over 13 years.  Later in life, I became a mother of 2 and stayed at home with my children.  While both jobs were challenging in different ways I learned many tools on how to manage life.  With the guidance from Executive Coach & Facilitator, I learned how to deal with the stresses of life and how to react in different situations with different people.  These techniques have been invaluable to my life and I have made it a mission in life to share.  In addition, I took the Forum & Advanced courses to learn in depth knowledge of myself. I have always been an empath and intuitive and felt I needed to do more in this life.  My first part of life was meant to go through the stages of life society taught was best so I can now relate and help others on ther journey of life.  I stumbled upon yoga and became a student for years until I became a yoga teacher.  Through my teaching yoga I started noticing a stronger connection to my spiritual side and my intuition and started tapping into my students energy and helping them let go.  That's when I became a Reiki Master to help my students further heal.  Through my reiki and soul journey coursework I learned more about protecting my own energy, how to help heal others in different ways and share different feel good energy work. I'm still an avid student and practitioner of yoga, reiki, meditation and breath work to this day. I'm a forever learner and just keep teaching whatever I find helpful.

       Throughout life I have been seeking happiness and true contentment from within.  Over the years hapiness looked so different depending on the stage of my life.  I will and have tried just about anything to be happy and have that true contentment to just be.  My number one mission in life is to find my hapiness, joy, health, peace and fulfillment and sharing the mixture of my findings with my students. It is a true personal goal for me to touch, move & inspire as many people in this lifetime so that they can have better lives, more success from within and which hopefully create a help others in this world.

      I have been teaching group yoga, private yoga, event yoga, reiki, and coaching since 2020 at the park, in peoples homes/backyards and finally as of February 2023 I have opened my New Studio in Bel Air, CA.   A beautiful space where my students can connect come rain or shine.  I will still be teaching outdoors when weather permits to get the grounding energy from the earth and healing from the sun. My yoga classes have all the usual benefits yoga offers stretching, strengthening, breath work, and philosiphy to open your mind, body and spirit.  What's special is because I am inutive I tap into the energy of my students and customize class based on what my students are feeling that day to help them let go and heal and just overall feel good.