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Jessica Asef


      Hi, I'm Jessica Asef, a Yoga & Wellness Consultant/Owner and Yoga Teacher. I come from a background in finance in the corporate workplace for over 13 years.  Later in life, I became a mother of 2 and shifted my focus to change my job from management in a corporate setting to a stay at home mom.  While both jobs were challenging in different ways I learned the tools on how to manage stress.  With the guidance of a world renowned Executive Coach & Facilitator, I learned how to deal with the stresses of life and how to react in different situations with different people.  These techniques have been invaluable to my life and I want to share this with others.  In addition, I took the Forum & Advanced courses to learn in depth knowledge of myself.  I'm an avid student and practitioner of yoga & meditation consistently since 2014. 

      After completing an intensive 200 hour program at Yogaworks with highly regarded teachers & studio in the field I became a Yoga teacher.  The program was taught by some of the best teachers in the United States.  Through the coursework and experiences throughout life, my understandings of life’s challenges and having the tools to help others with their stresses, has been a passion of mine for years. Learning all the different tools to be a better person and have peace from within has been truly life changing.  By no means do I consider myself a “perfect” yogi who does every single pose, I'm not the most flexible, and had many injuries & past health issues but have overcome it from the tools that I was given and want to share them with others.  I relate to people who have never practiced Yoga or Meditation, because I was also at one time skeptical of the benefits. Coming from a corporate environment, I connect with people in the workplace as well as moms and just individuals trying to be better versions of themselves. I want to give people what I have learned so that they can improve their individual lives.  It is a true personal goal for me to touch, move & inspire as many people in this lifetime so that they can have better lives, more success from within and which will end up showing externally. It's now my life's goal to help others with Yoga & Meditation & offering other expertise to help in people's Wellness journey's.

Professional Team

Cynthia Marie Vides

IIN Holistic Health Coach and Certified Reiki Master.  Focused on provding  personalized nutrition program to achieve more vital health & energy than you've experienced before.  Performs transformative healing with Reiki.

Jessica Asef

Focused on Yoga, Meditation, & Stress Reduction.  Based off your location another well veted Yoga Teacher may be assisting you with your needs.  All consultations are done with Jessica to asses your needs.

Massage Therapist

We have numerous licensed massage therapists in different locations around Los Angeles.  Anywhere, from the Valley to Los Angeles to South Bay.  All massage therapists specialize in Thai massage.  Add a massage therapist to your workshop or event to boost moral.

Cynthia Marie


       As an IIN Holistic Health Coach and certified Reiki Master, I’m passionate about educating and empowering people to heal themselves, whether it is on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. I’ve witnessed and experienced first hand the powerful effect food has on our overall wellbeing and the importance of learning to listen and follow one’s own intuition. With so many different ways of eating and information on what is healthy and what isn’t, it can be extremely overwhelming. My goal is to help figure out what foods work best for your individual body and guide you to a lifestyle that supports your health goals.  Also, I perform transformative healing with Reiki.

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